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The Life Force business opportunity provides the perfect combination of company stability, effective products, innovative marketing strategies, lucrative compensation; and untapped market potential.

This makes the product and business easier for you to share with others, manage and achieve success with. You’ll save the huge amount of time and money usually associated with starting a business, while finally experiencing the exhilaration of being in control as your own boss.

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Myth: You have to be good at sales to make money in Network Marketing.

Truth: You only have to be good at sales if you’re trying to sell something that takes a lot of convincing to get someone to even try it! Sales skills are great for meeting pre-defined sales quotas, but with Life Fore you set your own income and success goals – you’re in control! Backed by a 90-day 100% empty bottle guarantee, our product line has a history of delivering real results. Plus, our business rewards program offers one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry! So there’s not a lot of convincing going on to try out either one! The simple act of you sharing Life Force with others, and helping them do the same, is what we reward you for. ANYONE can do that!

Myth: Network marketing is a dying business model (OR "It’s not the right economy for this type of business.")

Truth: Network marketing is simply buying products that your friends and family recommend directly from the source. In today’s social environment we have more access than ever to the opinions and recommendations of those we trust. Companies that only spend money on advertising and don’t spend money rewarding others for loyalty and referrals are falling behind. Plus, the internet, and social media in particular, have made it easier than ever before to share what you love with friends, family, acquaintances and anyone else you meet online around the world. No time zone or access limitations! This is proven by an exciting expansion of products sold through this model from energy and legal advice to travel and personal care products. The model of rewarding referrals (network marketing) is only expanding!

Myth: The product doesn’t really matter.

Truth: Wrong! Try selling something you and others don’t believe in or that has never been tested. Our foundation starts with products that hundreds of thousands of people have been sharing for years. Then we back it up with our 90-day 100% money-back guarantee! Even without the extra bonus and free product incentives people would buy these products. Our flagship product, Body Balance, has been improving lives for over 30 years When you can share products with that kind of track record, your belief and confidence could feel awkward or pushy become simple and natural.

Myth: Only those that get in at the very beginning can make money.

Truth: When you combine our product foundation with one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the world, our opportunity tears down the "ground floor theory" that only people who join at a company's beginning can be successful.

We Help Make Dreams Come True

Our business model enables individuals to manage their financial futures, and to be free of financial fears and debt. This is evidenced by the thousands of people we’ve helped live the life of their dreams. By rewarding individuals for the hard work they put in and helping them make money at every stage of business development, we foster continual growth.

We give you control of your ability to earn with the comfort of knowing that we will be here for years to come. The first step to getting started is to sign up and place your product order.
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Compensation Rewards Overview
*Life Force™ Independent Members promoting Life Force and BENew™ products achieve a wide diversity of incomes and lifestyles. Examples featured in marketing materials may not be typical or average and are not representative of a guarantee for personal results. As with any opportunity, financial success depends on individual skill and efforts.