GoGetters Getaway


Get away from it all. Get together with other GoGetters just like you. Explore what excites and motivates you. Learn how to go get it!

This Getaway will have you exploring in and around the beautiful Dandenong Ranges with your fellow GoGetters, returning refreshed and refocused to go and get what you love.

Where: Dandenong Ranges, Victoria
When: November / December 2018

Your Getaway includes:

  • 3 nights’ accommodation, twin share
  • 3 full breakfasts
  • 2 Dinners
  • 2 Lunches
  • 1 Full day training session with morning /afternoon tea.
  • 1 GoGetters Group excursion.

Want to be a part of the GoGetters Getaway?

The Qualification Criteria is as follows:

  1.    Qualification period from1st May 2018 to 31st October 2018.
    2.   Qualification requirement of 1,500 points to be accumulated during the above qualification period based on personally enrolled and retained orders over the 6 month period.The qualification points are accumulated as follows:
    i.    First Time Order in the first month will earn points equal to 25% of the of the order up to 224BV.ii.    If the order is retained in the subsequent month and thereafter, the order will earn points equal to 100% of the order BV up to 224BV.iii.    Points can be accumulated as detailed above under both the traditional and GM3 compensation plan.

    iv.   Current members who are Platinum and above who re-qualify at their highest attained  rank during the promotional period will qualify for the GoGetters Getaway.

    v.    Any member who attains the rank of Platinum for the first time during the promotional period will qualify for the GoGetters Getaway.

Come back focused and re-energised
Getaway to the beautiful Dandenong Ranges in Victoria. Meet your fellow GoGetters. Draw inspiration and connect with like minded GoGetters while surrounded by the breathtaking nature. Come away feeling recharged and refocused.

If you are ready to Go Get what you want, then make sure you are a part of this amazing Getaway.

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~ The Life Force TEAM ~

This is intended for Australian, New Zealand and Singapore Customers and Members only. Available through Traditional and Gotmy3.