Our Story

It all began when Gerri started suffering from a mysterious ailment that left her with frequent headaches and a feeling of exhaustion. When she became unable to take care of her young family and conventional medicine failed to offer relief, Wayne went in search of a new way to help his wife. He experimented with various ingredients until he hit on a winning formula, combining nine varieties of sea vegetables and aloe Vera. After drinking this blend over a short period of time, Gerri began to feel life coming back into her body, and Body Balance was born.

Wayne and Gerri knew that sharing their discovery and helping others live a healthier life was the perfect way to make their contribution to a better world.

Starting out in 1984 in their San Diego garage as "Doctor's Signature", Wayne and Gerri believed that this dynamic liquid nutritional supplement could change the world. Their belief was justified soon enough when over 6,000 health care professionals began recommending Body Balance to their patients and customers. This became the impetus for starting Life Force in 1996.

The great enthusiasm users expressed for Body Balance made it a natural product for Network Marketing. For a company founded on philanthropic principles, Network Marketing was a perfect fit. The products not only promote good health, but also create financial freedom for a growing number of people, who the Hillmans consider part of their extended family.

Today, Life Force has expanded operations to Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Singapore, with the world headquarters in the United States. With a state-of-the-art, 100,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility and top-flight management team, Life Force has a very bright future. The company is committed to creating new ways to help others achieve great health, financial success, and their most heartfelt dreams.

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